Anal Fissure

anal fissuresDefinition

Anal fissure is a benign condition : it is a 1 to 2 centimetre wound, a tear in the skin of the anus, which causes pain during and after the faeces are passed. Constipation, excessive contraction of the sphincter, poor vascularization of the anal area are the main causes.

Epidemiological data

Quite common, anal fissure generally affects adults and more particularly young adults. It is the second most common anal disease after hemorrhoids.

Symptoms of the disease

Burns or itching may be felt in the back of the anus, but pain during and after passing stool may be severe - much more intense than that of hemorrhoids - and may appear to be tearing. The anal fissure can also cause bleeding - sometimes heavy - in the stool.


It is necessary to fight against constipation by drinking a lot and by having a diet rich in fibre (fruits, vegetables, cereals, ...).
To relieve pain, there are local anaesthetic treatments, in the form of ointments to be applied several times on the anus and at the entrance of the rectum.
If the pain does not improve, the wound oozes and does not heal, if the bleeding persists, the doctor should be consulted. He will prescribe treatment and, in case of failure, surgery will be necessary.