Constipation is part of digestive functional disorders (DFA) and is caused by a slowdown in colonic transit. It is characterized by a frequency of less than three stools per week and/or difficulties in exonerating. It is often accompanied by bloating.

Epidemiological data

Digestive functional disorders are observed at all ages, even in young children. Constipation is at least twice as common in women as in men. No geographical, socio-economic, family or hereditary factors have been identified.


• Constipation treatment uses different types of laxatives :
- ballast laxatives that increase residues and fecal water ;
- osmotic laxatives that increase fecal water ;
- stimulating laxatives that activate colonic motor skills and intestinal secretion of water and electrolytes ;
lubricating laxatives ;
- suppositories and mini-lavements that stimulate exoneration.

• Diet also plays a key role in the treatment of constipation. It must be diversified, but above all rich in its raw material.